I’m a C++ and Python coder, and I’ve recently started SpreadServe to address the issues around spreadsheet use on the trading floor. You can see some of my code here on github. You can also find me on Stack Overflow and Hacker News. I’m available for interesting projects on a day rate. Leave a comment with your email address here if you want to discuss opportunities, or email me at john.osullivan@spreadserve.com

9 Responses to “About”

  1. Greg Grimer Says:

    Came across your blog today and thought you might be interested in this free podcast series interviewing people from the Algo Trading community.

    Let me know if you find it interesting.

  2. bibomedia Says:

    Have a nice day !

  3. b Says:

    Hi, I’m working on a new book would be interested in a fixed income perspective – mail me if interested, cheers!

  4. b Says:

    Hi, in case you’re interested I finished the book on ‘Algorithmic Trading and DMA’. Essentially it tries to merge the microstructure approach of Trading and Exchanges with actual execution, hence I thought it might interest you.
    Admittedly the coverage is mainly focused on equities, etc but there is some coverage of fixed income.

  5. etrading Says:

    Thanks for the heads up b. I’ll take a look at the online preview…

  6. My name is Simon, I run the blog for QuantConnect where we’ve built a software for democratized algorithmic model creation. I liked your piece on penny jumping and was interested in interviewing you for a similar piece I’m writing.

    Please reach out to be at simon at quant connect dot com

    Simon Burns

  7. Prachi Solomon Says:

    Java , C++, Python. 11+years of hands on development . 8+ years in top investment bank. Open to discuss opportunities.

  8. Roberto Cocchi Says:


    I would like to discuss some opportunities privately, if possible. You can reach out to me at the submitted email address

    Best regards

  9. Oliver Colmans Says:

    John – any interest returning to JPM. I have a few things down there that could be of interest. Let me know.


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