Some handy resources on the LMAX Disruptor and lock free concurrency in general…

Martin Fowler’s Disruptor paper: probably the most accessible and gentle intro

Video: Martin Thompson’s Disruptor presentation

LMAX whitepaper: includes UML diagram for the Disruptor, and performance stats illustrating the cost of locks

LMAX’s open sourced Disruptor codebase: coded in Java

Trish’s blog has some good posts explaining the Disruptor.

Stackoverflow: good place for coders to start

Lockless Programming on Windows: excellent detailed article on lockless coding techniques for Windows. Lots of good detail on processor behaviour too.

4 Responses to “Disruptor”

  1. […] collected some handy links on the Disruptor and lock free programming in general here. I’m coding up a Windows specific C++ Disruptor […]

  2. Ahmed Nader Says:

    can you help me code the disruptor to windows server?

  3. etrading Says:

    Since I wrote this blog some C++ implementations have emerged on github – I suggest you start with those.

  4. […] I did a POC integration of SpreadServe with TransFICC. For those unfamiliar, TransFICC has an ex-LMAX founding team, and is a new entrant in the ECN gateway space. Technically their key differentiators […]

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