Wolphram Alpha is billed as a computational knowledge engine. My questions is: could it be another nail in Bloomberg’s coffin ?

Some time ago I blogged about how Google might provide some of what Bloomberg currently provides for traders. Another part of the picture that I didn’t mention then is analytics. In Bloomberg’s book he describes how they started out with market data in direct competition with Reuters, then added news and email. Another big value add was price histories, analytics and charting. Wolfram Alpha’s scope seems boundless, so a fortiori it could offer something similar. Certainly, it’s reported as offering charts in its results. To me, the crucial  questions are…

  • Is financial data among the curated data sets being gathered for Wolfram Alpha ?
  • Will Wolfram Alpha understand concepts like DV01, accrued interest, PE ratios, the greeks, moving averages ?
  • Is Wolfram Alpha aiming to be a platform too ?
  • Will it be scriptable ?  With Mathematica scripts ?
  • Will it have social features to encourage the sharing of scripts and library building ?