Bloomberg tickers

February 8, 2007

Noel has had to confront the irrationality of Bloomberg ticker symbols. Noel: I feel your pain – you should see what they’ve done with the vanilla IR swap tickers. I believe the ticker symbols are allocated by a group in NY. I suspect they’re operating some fiendish scheme to maximise congnitive dissonance in developers at contributing dealers. I also suspect that Bloomberg tickers may make a good seed for a pseudo random number generator 😉  This is one area where Reuters does it better.

Visual C++ 8

February 7, 2007

We’re in the process of moving our 600KLOC codebase from VC6 to VC8, so I moved my current development project to VC8. After the usual snafus getting a working build I finally have a binary that I can build, run & debug in the IDE and at the command line. Getting a binary that links is always a struggle in a new environment, especially if the ground is moving under your feet with new versions of STLport, Boost and others. So I was relieved when the link finally came up with zero unresolved externals, and I could start to explore the most important part on an IDE: the debugger. It’s nice. The tabbed debug windows for browsing variables, threads, callstack work nicely. And you can click on a variable and pop up a view – very handy for those long strings that got truncated in the old VC6 debugger window.