Blockspring symphony

September 10, 2015

Blockspring is a cool startup that enables users to invoke web service APIs from Excel. There are ready made integrations with Amazon, Bing, Dropbox, Facebook, Github, Google, linkedin, Quandl, Slack, Twitter and many more. The beauty of Blockspring is that it normalises all of these diverse web APIs so they can be invoked from a single Excel worksheet function: =BLOCKSPRING(…) As we all know, the great strength of Excel is that it enables users who are not developers to build all kinds of solutions independently. Blockspring has dramatically extended the range of what you can do in Excel. To make a service available via =BLOCKSPRING(…) you code a ‘Block’ in Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP or R. The blocks are cloud hosted on Amazon servers. All well and good, but this means that you still need to be a developer to create a block. What if Excel users could implement blocks in Excel itself? To do that you’d need a cloud hosted server that can execute a spreadsheet automatically. And, of course, that’s exactly what SpreadServe does! All that’s necessary is some code for a block that can talk to a SpreadServe instance. Here’s the source on github, and here it is deployed on Blockspring. Using this SpreadServe block, a client spreadsheet can use any SpreadServe hosted spreadsheet as a web service. Here’s an example. InvestExcel‘s BlackScholes spreadsheet can calculate Call and Put prices for an option, given the usual inputs: stock and strike prices, volatility, risk free rate and tenor. Here’s that same spreadsheet deployed on an Amazon hosted SpreadServe instance, which makes it’s calculation functionality available to Blockspring client spreadsheets. This spreadsheet calculates the Put and Call prices of a series of options at different strike prices. Make sure you have Formulas/Calculation Options set to automatic when you run it. There are nine different strike prices in the series, so there are nine round trips to the back end spreadsheet, one for each call & put calculation. Try changing one of the inputs; stock or strike price. It will cause all the put and call prices to recalculate. If you point your browser at the SpreadServe host’s RealTimeWebServer while the recalculation is happening you’ll see all the inputs get pumped through, and all the outputs calculate. So there you have it: Blockspring and SpreadServe – two great tastes that taste great together!


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