Building STL port 5.1.3 in VC9

February 1, 2011

It was a bit of a struggle to get STLport 5.1.3 to build with VC9/Visual Studio 2008. I got some hints here, but also had to remove the .rc dependency from and jiggle LIB and INCLUDE env vars to pick up headers and libs from an MS SDK dir separate from the Visual Studio dir. Then an nmake /fmsvc.mak dbg-shared did the trick. Of course I’m not building with debug iterators – I do value my sanity !



8 Responses to “Building STL port 5.1.3 in VC9”

  1. stic Says:

    So now it is all about moving it to VS2010? 😉

  2. Dave Says:

    What is your reason for going with STLport and not the built in VC9 STL .

    I use the built in STL with no problems ( that I know of ) but if there is a benefit to using STLport I would be interested in knowing what it is.

  3. etrading Says:

    And there’s always Linux too…

  4. Bruce Banner Says:

    What visualizers for STL do you use then? I’m assuming MS doesn’t ship them for STLPort.

  5. etrading Says:

    If you mean which Visualisation libs, I use But I’m guessing you mean something different…

  6. Bruce Banner Says:

    The visualizers used whilst debugging STL containers.

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