October 7, 2009

I’m almost tempted to send my CV to Kirk – his OpenGamma startup sounds very exciting. I’ve got ticks in most of the boxes Kirk lists, except the pricing stuff, where I’m a bit short. If Kirk’s after a credit pricing coder, maybe he should talk to Noel.

Kirk’s coyness on his funding is intriguing too. Could it be Sean, Ken or FTV ?

One Response to “OpenGamma”

  1. Kirk Wylie Says:

    Never fear. As I said in the post, we consider candidates in toto, and not as a checkbox-ticking exercise. Not every candidate will have everything that we might want, and you might find that we’ve thrown in a few red herrings to keep other companies sniffing up the wrong tree. Only the Paranoid Survive after all!

    In terms of funding, wrong on all counts. Trust me, you’ll know who funded us, but they and we think it’s best we have more discretion at the moment. We do know Sean though, so pretty good guess there!

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