Joel on duct tape developers

September 24, 2009

As usual Joel hits the nail on the head in contrasting pragmatic, delivery focused “duct tape programmers” with perfection obsessed abstraction astronauts who never ship because they can’t stop polishing and honing. It’s those duct tape devs we’re always looking to hire for front office trading systems, cos time to market is everything in our game…


4 Responses to “Joel on duct tape developers”

  1. Ollie Riches Says:

    not very biased then?

    That’s why FO has to have some much support, I guess they can afford it 😉

  2. Ollie Riches Says:

    I forgot the opportunity trumps everything…

  3. John Greenan Says:

    Spolsky should be required reading for everyone who works in front office IT.

    “Architecture astronauts” is another fantastic post by Joel – how many of them have you worked with in megabanks???

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