Caplin Chrome

September 9, 2008

I’ve installed Google‘s new browser Chrome on my Vye S37 at home. While my Vye runs Vista, it doesn’t have Office installed. Instead I use EditGrid and Google docs from IE7. My CPU is often maxed out, despite IE being the only app running. I guessed that all JavaScript running in the browser was hammering the CPU, so I gave Chrome a spin. It’s fast, and CPU loading is way down. Thank you Google Chrome – you breathed life into Vista for me !

So the obvious question is, what will Chrome do for Caplin Trader‘s JavaScript ?  Alas, my employer won’t let me find out, as the InfoSec guys have barred access to the Chrome download. Running Chrome is verboten, and delinquent developers have already been warned… It would be good to see some commentary over at CometDaily. Perhaps Martin could run his grid benchmark in Chrome.

One Response to “Caplin Chrome”

  1. Martin Tyler Says:

    We have been working on Chrome support for our StreamLink for Browsers product – which is what the ajax grid performance tests uses. It was only a small change actually and we will hopefully do some new benchmarks soon, including Safari and Firefox 3.1 too.

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