Fixed income buy side desktop

February 26, 2008

So what is running on the desktop of a buy side fixed income trader ?  From my viewpoint here inside a dealer, I imagine the buy side do all their trades on Bloomberg, TradeWeb or by phone. But then I am an etrading guy, so I would say that, wouldn’t I ?

Is there anybody out there executing trades from an OMS like Charles River ?   Would any buy side FI trader use LatentZero ?


One Response to “Fixed income buy side desktop”

  1. John Greenan Says:

    I consult to a global buy-side with a large fixed income dealing capability.

    Dealers do use LatentZero – they release FIX orders to MarketAxess, Tradeweb or Bloomberg and then use TW, MA or BB for execution.

    So desktop apps are LZ, BB, MA, TW and Outlook, Excel and so on.

    But, LZ is really just used as very very expensive middleware. It has no real fixed income dealing capacity, no RFQ, RFS and so on.

    Happy to discuss offline….

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