ECN terminals, WebICE & Web 2.0 UIs

April 27, 2007

I had a look at the WebICE demo today, and was impressed. All of the dealer to client fixed income ECNs my employer trades on have fat client GUIs. Bloomberg, TradeWeb & BondVision all need to be installed on a trader’s PC. The WebICE demo appears to be just a Flash movie, but gives the impression of a rich but lightweight Web 2.0 GUI. For some time I’ve been wondering when an ECN would launch a Web 2.0 GUI based on OpenLaszlo or Flex. IT departments at banks would welcome it as it would avoid the packaging and installation hassles of heavyweight client apps, and it would be good for the ECNs as client onboarding would be eased.

I’m expecting to see one of the dealers adopt a Web 2.0 GUI soon with their proprietary single dealer platforms. JPMorganExpress and DRKWRevolution and the other proprietary platforms all seem to have been built with Java.


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