Visual C++ 8

February 7, 2007

We’re in the process of moving our 600KLOC codebase from VC6 to VC8, so I moved my current development project to VC8. After the usual snafus getting a working build I finally have a binary that I can build, run & debug in the IDE and at the command line. Getting a binary that links is always a struggle in a new environment, especially if the ground is moving under your feet with new versions of STLport, Boost and others. So I was relieved when the link finally came up with zero unresolved externals, and I could start to explore the most important part on an IDE: the debugger. It’s nice. The tabbed debug windows for browsing variables, threads, callstack work nicely. And you can click on a variable and pop up a view – very handy for those long strings that got truncated in the old VC6 debugger window.


3 Responses to “Visual C++ 8”

  1. Michel Says:

    Thats a huge leap from VC6 to VC8 but I think you will appreciate it. Did you face a lot of new warnings and did the new compiler detect any “errors” in the code base :).

  2. etrading Says:

    Our framework team, who provide the libs we build on, had ported to VC7 earlier. Most of the issues related to tighter adherence to the C++ standard we’re cleared then, thankfully.

  3. Marc Says:

    What performance increaees/decreases did you see?

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