September 26, 2006

Sparklines is a visualisation technique I’ve been following for a while – so I read this with interest. And then something else on cmiles blog caught my eye: a link to Juice Analytics. They have a nice blog on Excel hacks, which mentions a toolkit that gives you sparklines in Excel. Not the same Juice as founded by Charles Ferguson who wrote High Stakes – probably the best book I’ve read on founding a software start up.

4 Responses to “Sparklines”

  1. Matt Says:

    Software start up…are you planning something?

  2. etrading Says:

    Not my own startup – that’s for sure.

  3. cmiles Says:

    This is also worth a look:

    Another really nice Excel/Sparkline package…


  4. Peter Says:

    Here another Sparkline Excel Add-In, MicroCharts

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