IronPython 1.0

September 7, 2006

I’ve been an enthusiastic Python advocate since 2000. Most recently I’ve been using it to code data cleansing scripts to filter output from a database before loading it into my R scripts. So it’s good to see the IronPython project come to fruition with its 1.0 release. Hopefully some of those corporate architecture departments that spend their time telling us front office coders why we can’t improve time to market with high productivity tools will take note. Either that, or they should try typing “Python Hedge Fund” into to figure out why banks are losing their best developers to hedge funds.


6 Responses to “IronPython 1.0”

  1. netflings Says:

    Certainly Iron Python has proven very usefull in a number of the hedge Funds I know about and have worked at. They are using it to script scenarios for Risk Anaylsys, and also for program trading. A great langauge for extending the reach and useful-ness of your core technologies.

  2. Matt Says:

    One can only hope that IB’s learn from hedge funds….

  3. Matt Says:

    John, maybe you could list a few of the benefits of Python that may help IB’s to understand why they should consider adding IronPython to their list of allowable programming languages

  4. etrading Says:

    I won’t go into the usual language advocacy arguments on dynamic vs. static, maturity, libraries, gentle learning curve etc. There’s one overriding factor that makes the case for me: time to market.

    Matt, you know as well as I do that TTM is critical in this game. Empirical studies show that developers complete the same programming assignment at least twice as fast in a dynamic language as a static. QED.

  5. Matt Says:

    😉 Agreed

  6. […] Will probably wait until VS SDK V3 RTM is released before upgrading to IronPython 1.0. I agree with John that investment banks need to be more open in looking at languages like Python, F#, etc – nice to see APress is going to publish Expert F#. […]

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