Coolest bank

May 31, 2006

So who’s the coolest bank to work for these days ?

Back in the 90s it had to be Swiss Bank, now merged with UBS. They were the first to dress down, the first to put flat screen on the trading floor, and they used Next workstations. They used Objective-C. They had also bought the O’Connor derivative shop in Chicago, and so owned the prediction technology developed by the Prediction Company. Read the Predictors for more on this.

More recently, DrKW are setting out their stall. Looks like they’ve gone very web 2.0, with social software and lots of blogging.


2 Responses to “Coolest bank”

  1. […] I see John is blogging about the coolest banks. I seem to recall in the 90’s Citibank also had a bunch of NEXT workstations, and developed a neural net trading system which managed to make sufficient money to be view in human terms as an “average trader”. […]

  2. […] go, since Dresdner had long been a bastion of tech innovation in the City and Wall St. A while back I commented on how Swiss Bank, long since merged with UBS, was the coolest bank from a tech perspective back in the early and mid […]

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